Client Testimonials

“With debt collection, we can’t delegate quickly enough this kind of matter. We are primarily admin people. With LFS, we just know we get back results. It’s what we are always looking for….. It’s been a good relationship from their side, but a terrific relationship from ours”

Stephen Bond, ACE Body Corporate Services

“Just a very short to note to say thank you for standing by me from the very beginning to the very end of this process with your kindness and professionalism. When I first came to see you in your office last November, all I had was uncertainties and anxieties; now all I have is relief and gratitude.”

Ying Ferrari

“It is very rare that you come across true professionals and you have not only been professional but were always prepared to offer that extra service. Very much appreciated.”

“You have been great to deal with and always answer the phone with a smile which is very uncommon for a law firm.”

Luke Harris, Melbourne

“We use LFS Legal primarily for debt recovery. They’re the best legal firm for this purpose that we’ve come across in 25 years of operation in our business…. They provide very economical, efficient and effective services.”

Marian Blonder, Binks & Associates

“I’m so grateful for the caring and professional way the staff at LFS Legal helped me through a difficult situation with great results.”

Rose Van Bakel
People 2 People
Relocation Management